Protein Supplement Benefits

Protein Supplement Benefits – Why You May Want to Consider Them

There are many men and women who consider supplements to be unceccesarry while others are essential for performance and gaining muscle. In this article I will discuss the benefits of protein supplements and why you may want to consider them.

According to health professionals at the University of California, in order to be able to build muscles, you have to intake 1-1.5 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. That specific amount of protein can be obtained through a regular diet.

UCLA will caution against consuming protein supplements, saying that too much protein may be rather unhealthy.

the truth is supplements have been sold for many years and theyr can help increase muscle mass, in the perfect world eating the right foods is the best way to get your protein, often men with a fast metabolism are unable to consume enough protein in a a day.

Hard gainers who struggle a lot with gaining muscle is usually due to them not eating enought or getting enough daily protein in their diet.

Protein is essential for muscle development

How Muscles Develop

Muscle development is considered the main result of a comprehensive biological process that is initiated by tough resistance workout. When you are doing physical workout, your muscles will tear.

Satellite cells that are close to the muscle will flock to the damage “spot” and start fusing together. After all the repairs, the resulting muscle will be larger as well as stronger than it initially was. This is mainly the reason for muscle pumps after resistance training.

The real muscle gains begin after the recovery process, if you trained the muscle hard enough you will notice muscle sireness the next day.

Growth Factors

Besides more protein your body needs other things such as Specific hormones or substances related to hormone have an effect that is greater on the rate or degree of muscle repair. For instance, growth hormone is considered a substance which was released by the anterior pituitary gland.

The relese of HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) is triggered by resistance workout (the more intense the workout, the more growth hormone will be released). Among the effects of growth hormone is also to “stimulate the uptake and inclusion of amino acids into protein in skeletal muscle, ” According to a University of New Mexico.

Take into consideration that the muscle growth will be stimulated not due to the fact that an increase in the amounts of amino acids or protein (as known about protein supplements), but due to the fact that growth hormone will increase the ability of the muscle to include those nutrients.

Bodybuilder Essa Obaid

Protein Supplements

Manufacturers of protein supplements are considered to use their own products that will lead to a fast growth of the muscle. They are considered to be very effective through the ingesting of massive amounts of amino acids or protein.

Your organism will get stimulated in building new muscle. “The most essential aspect of building muscle is resistance training,” according to a health advisory committee from the University of California. They are saying that too much protein will be ineffective and even dangerous.

Effects of Too Much Protein

If you may be using protein supplements, not only you are perhaps consuming more protein than necessary, but you will risk your own health as well.

Kidney damage, bone calcium loss or dehydration are only a few health issues that may result from consuming too much protein, according to the University of California. But too little protein may cause depress immune system function or an increased risk of injuries related to physical workout

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