Dianabol Should You Use It?

Dianabol Should You Use it?

History of Dianabol

Dianabol is also known as the second Anabolic Steroid that has ever been produced. Of course, the first one is Testosterone. Testosterone was produced for the first time in the early 1900s. This steroid was experimented in WWII by Nazis. They experimented with this steroid so that they could produce better soldiers.

The credit of making Dianabol goes to the Americans. The history is described below;

Russian athletes that participated in the World Championship of 1953, used the steroid Testosterone very successfully. They achieved very good results with the help of this steroid. It was the time when a Doctor who was working as a physician with US Weightlifting team, named John Zeigler, started a research in collaboration with Ciba in order to develop an equal alternative for US athletes. Of course, they were impressed by the performance of Russian athletes after they used Testosterone.

Dianabol Should You Use It?

This was the time when he started working on Dianabol but this steroid was not known by this name at that time. The original trade name suggested for the steroid was Cibas Methandrostenolone but it was called Dbol by the athletes. They found this name easy to pronounce as athletes are not good with medical terms. Of course, this is not their field as well.

The original package that was produced stated that a dose of 10mgs per day will be enough for an athlete to provide full androgen replacement. Dr. Ziegler suggested all the athletes to use this steroid in a measurement of 5-10mgs per day.

It is also said that until 1970’s this dose was also used by bodybuilders as well. This really helped them to create better muscles in a short period of time. Some people also call it Arnold’s dose as well. The business was conducted under the name of “The John Zeigler Fan Club” and it was quite famous at that time.

Use of Dianabol Steroid

I think we have talked about the history of Dianabol and now we should talk about what dis steroid is and what it can do. You will normally find this steroid in pill form but you may also find it injectable form as well. The trade name used for this steroid is “Reforvit-B”. This is 25mgs methandrostenolone that is mixed with B vitamins. Dianabol is basically a 17aa steroid.

The meaning of 17aa is that, it has been altered at the 17th carbon position. It is important so that steroid can pass through the human liver and then it can enter into the bloodstream easily. Once you will use Dianabol, it will increase your blood pressure and it can also increase the toxicity of your liver as well.

So, before you use this medicine, you should be careful and it is better to consult with a physician first. You may find some people who take approximately 100 mg of his dose every day but they never show any kind of side effects. Studies have been conducted on this drug with the same dose measurement and no ill effects have been found so far.

A study was done in the 80s in which a very high dose of Dianabol was given to the subjects. The measurement of the dose was 100mgs/ day. It decreased the value of Plasma testosterone by 40% of its original value. However, the plasma GH went above almost a third. The drop in LH was almost 80% whereas FSH also went down a third as well. Although, these all are approximate numbers but you can get a clear idea from the data easily.

Side effects of Dianabol

Although, there are no cases of side effects caused due to use of Dianabol but still, we should be careful before using this steroid. Only some minor side effects have been reported. For example, some people feel an elevated heartbeat or they also find that their blood pressure has increased. Well, this is what will happen when you will use Dianabol. However, a person having medical symptoms of high blood pressure should avoid using this steroid. It is better to consult with a physician first before you start using Dianabol.

How long Dianabol is used

Dianabol is used for different time periods. It totally depends on the health conditions of a person and the results that he is looking to achieve. Of course, only an athlete will need to use this steroid so he will have to consult with his physician first before using these steroids. Normally it is suggested that a person should keep using these steroids as long as he is into his athletic career.

Obviously, a sportsman needs to stay healthy all the time. If there will be any problem during his career then he may have to end his career.

This steroid was specially designed for athletes so being an athlete; if you are using Dianabol then you may have to use it for the rest of your career. However, a time period can be specified by your physician. Different sports require different energy levels to the cycle of dose and the amount of dose can only be prescribed by a practicing physician.

The benefits of Dianabol

There are so many benefits of using Dianabol. For example; if you are an athlete and you are using this steroid then you will see a lot of improvement in your workout sessions and you will also feel that you are performing very well in your field too.

The performance of a team can be easily improved with the help of Dianabol as players will stay in good health and they will start performing better. In this way, the performance of the whole team will be improved very easily.

While real Dianabol does work well, there are side effects, if you are concerned about the side effects of Dianabol you may want to consider a legal Dianabol instead, it can offer similar benefits without the side effects.




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