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I wanted to discuss in this article a little bit about bodybuilding workouts. I see many people who go to the gym every day yet complain about their poor results.

Bodybuilding or strength training takes more than just throwing around a few weights every day.

Bodybuilding is more than just lifting things up and putting them down.

We have all heard the classic bodybuilding term “I lift things up and put them down” but strength training involves much more than lifting things up and putting them down.

You really need a muscle mind connection.

I never understood that myself, but if you are not focusing completely on the muscle you are training you will struggle with gaining muscle.

Pro bodybuilders have a completely focused mindset in that they focus on the contraction, what this does is push more blood through the muscle fibers.

This not might seem important, but the more blood into the muscles does several things which are:

  • Increases more oxygen flow allowing for insane pumps
  • Helps boost nitrogen retention within the muscle
  • Stimulates more muscle fibers

When it comes to training to be a bodybuilder the workout program differs a lot more than when training to become a powerlifter or training for weight loss.

Bodybuilding workouts should consist of 5 workouts a week. Generally, people train Monday to Friday and then rest on the weekend.

A Bodybuilding program usually last about an hour, training longer than this risks overtraining which could result in a decrease of muscle mass and strength. Here is a simple split generally used by bodybuilders.

  • Monday: Legs and calves
  • Tuesday: Biceps and triceps
  • Wednesday: Back and Abs
  • Thursday: Shoulders and calves
  • Friday: Chest and Abs

For each muscle you should do between 3 and 4 exercises of 4 sets each, resting for 1 minute between each set and 2 minutes between each exercise. Remember the workout should be completed within an hour.

Changing your routine every so often can prevent you from reaching a plateau

Lifting heavy is essential for gaining muscle

Lifting heavy weight does not insinuate becoming a powerlifter but training with heavy weight and more importantly focusing on core exercises will help you gain muscle faster.

Exercises like deadlifts, squats, and rack pulls can help you gain muscle and increase strength, being a bodybuilder is no good if you just look strong it is also important that your muscles reflect your strength.

Every 6 weeks you should change your bodybuilding workout program because your body gets used to the exercises and therefore the results decrease.

Adding new exercises to your bodybuilding program gives the muscles a “shock” which helps them get stronger and grow faster.

You should also try and switch up your workout routine going form light training to heavy and vice versa, these changes will be more effective if you do them every 4-6 weeks. this will prevent a plateau.

Another good rule of thumb is to gauge by muscle soreness, if you begin to notice that your muscles are not very sore the next day after a hard workout, this means that your muscles have become accustomed to your routine and this is a good time to switch thing up.

You can change up your routine by not only changing up your training methods but by also switching between free weights and machines, each method will target different muscle groups making your muscles work harder and preventing them from getting used to a single routine.

Gym Equipment

You need to know how to do everything properly so that you don’t injure yourself or waste your time in the gym.

Consulting a personal trainer might be a good idea if you can afford it. This will make sure you know exactly what to do for each workout and how to perform the exercises properly and safely.

If you can’t afford a trainer try searching on Google for videos of bodybuilding workouts, videos are a great way of learning the right techniques when performing an exercise.

the above is just a guideline for a training routine. Since everyone is different it is more about trial and error so you can meet your individual needs.

You can’t expect immediate results which is not a bad thing. The longer you train the more aware you will become on how your body reacts to different training methods.

The important thing is to maintain consistency and stay focused and you will be amazed at how good you will get and not to mention you will gain an incredible looking physique.

If you are not comfortbale with making your own workout routine you can use this online form and make your  own to suit your personal needs.


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